Sebastian Chase


Sebastian Chase is an amateur photographer based in the United States. He serves as the author, editor, and photographer for Digital Photography Life, a platform dedicated to empowering photographers across various skill levels.

Early Interest in Photography

Sebastian’s interest in photography was sparked during his teenage years when his father purchased a dSLR camera. The ability to instantly view photographs and experiment with different lenses intrigued him, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors in photography.

Professional Experience

Although primarily an amateur, Sebastian has undertaken paid commissions, specifically focusing on creating digital art for clients’ living spaces. His work demonstrates a blend of technical skill and artistic vision.

Role at Digital Photography Life

Sebastian is responsible for all the content on Digital Photography Life. He writes articles, conducts reviews, and creates tutorials, contributing to the platform’s mission of providing up-to-date information and insights in the field of photography.

Current Projects

Sebastian is currently dedicating significant time to two main projects. First, he is developing a comprehensive glossary for Digital Photography Life, aiming to create a valuable resource for photographers. Second, he is focusing on content related to mobile photography, acknowledging the increasing capabilities and prevalence of smartphone cameras.

Photographic Interests

Outside of his work on Digital Photography Life, Sebastian enjoys outdoor flash photography, primarily using his FujiFilm mirrorless cameras. He also engages in landscape photography, uniquely utilizing both iPhone and Android mobile phones for this purpose, contrasting the common practice of using specialized photography equipment.

Wrapping up…

Sebastian Chase plays multiple roles when it comes to DPL. Through his contributions to Digital Photography Life and his own photographic projects, he aims to give back to the photography community with valuable resources and insights. His current focus on mobile photography, and the development of an extensive glossary is an indication of his commitment to staying abreast of evolving trends and technologies in the field.

You can connect with him on Twitter (X) at this link .